With decades of experience, Positive Feedback Software has the resources your business needs to confront nearly any security threat. As software developers, our products have been launched nationally and have been subjected to security audits conducted by multi-national companies such as Visa. Positive Feedback Software has extensive experience with modern electronic payment processing and data encryption technologies. Some of our national products may be seen by clicking below.


At Positive Feedback Software, our people are degreed and are experts in their respective fields. We look for and utilize the most qualified people who help us serve both regional and national accounts.


In today's high tech world, when a data breach occurs, the solution must be enacted quickly and confidentially. At Positive Feedback Software, we understand that controlling a situation properly can mitigate damages and reduce liability.

What we do

When your business needs advanced security in the hardware, software and infrastructure domains, there is no one better to call than Positive Feedback Software.

Electronic Countermeasures (ECM)

ECM employs thermal, x-ray, spectrum analysis and other technologies to detect and eliminate surveillance by third parties. Often ECM projects involve an array of procedures which touch both technology and legal professions. Positive Feedback Software has the ability to work with your legal council and present findings in a manner suitable for building a strong case.

Digital Forensics

When a security event occurs, Positive Feedback Software can detect, track and erradicate threats quickly and confidentially. Whether this involves the detection of covert listening devices or wireless Radio Frequency (RF) eavesdropping hardware, our 5W process will make sure your business remains secure. Data collection devices which utilize GPS, RF, EMF, LASER, Smart Phone and/or Malicious Software CAN BE detected. If you are concerned that confidential information is being leaked, Positive Feedback Software should be your first and only call.

Converged Network Infrastructure

Today's networks do not handle data exclusively. Increasingly, networks handle audio, video, data, server requests and more. In an age of convergence, network infrastructure has become an extremely important factor when scaling a business. By approaching each of our engineered solutions with an advanced level of understanding, Positive Feedback Software can create the technology blue prints that enable your business to grow as large as it can!

Software And Hardware Development

Designing software and hardware is a small part of our job description but it acts as an insight into our capabilities. As designers, we don't just sell other company's products... we design and build circuits, software and IoT solutions. Most importantly, we understand how modern electronic systems work and can predict problems before they occur.


Before we engage a client, we seek to understand our client's needs carefully. After initial consultation, we create a customized course of action which fully outlines costs, vulnerabilities and procedural details. By approaching each client's needs with this level of attention to detail, Positive Feedback Software can produce solutions which are affordable and future aware.

Disaster Prevention And Recovery

The best way to avoid data loss is to have redundant reliable backup images of software and data. At Positive Feedback Software, we design programs which keep data stored securely and in full compliance with the best practices of industry. In addition, we can create chain of custody solutions for data recovery events that may have legal implications.

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